The Allagash Tails Collection


series of books have been favorites in Maine for a very long time. But they have never before been offered on KINDLE. (that is Leicester Bay’s role in the continuing legacy of these Tim Caverly novels.)

This mix of history and true-storytelling with humor, will charm you and convert you to the wonders of the Northern Maine Woods — a place of intrigue, mystery, wonder and history.

You can find the print versions in any Bookstore or Outfitter/Sporting Goods retailer in Maine. We, too, will soon have PRINT versions available. But the Kindle version is only available through Leicester Bay as per instructions on each title’s webpage.

Several days ago, the Natural Resources Council of Maine posted a video about this being the 50th anniversary of the Allagash Wilderness Waterway being designated a Wild and Scenic River. TIM CAVERLY is the first person seen on the video.