Children of the Orb SERIES

A SERIES of 15 books


Youth, in a world and a time that are faraway, learn how to fulfill the demands of the prophecy that are placed on their shoulders. It is a time and place of dragons and magic and other creatures beyond our ken — upon which the Darkness is constantly encroaching.
A long time ago on a planet far away there lived The Race of Enchanters, beings of Light. As is ever the situation when Light is present, so, also, is Darkness. These Sorcerors, close kin to the Enchanters, seek to influence and destroy all that had been protected and created by the Light. Other magical beings and creatures inhabit these realms and are torn  and divided by this constant battle between Light and Dark; events and prophecies are ignored by the Light, The Dark, and the neutral; allegiances change and shift; power over all being the end result, for some. Then comes word of The Prophecy of Light: a being to come in the median of time to lead the Forces of Light to victory. Thus the stage is set for Daniel Light and the Children of the Orb.
Daniel, the Miracle of Mirador, is at the beginning, the center, and  the ending — he is the leader of our journey. “And a little child shall lead them.”

The Prophetic Cycle:

The Revelation Trilogy:

The Fulfillment Trilogy:

The Dark Trilogy:

  • BOOK 11-Daniel Light and the Dark Prince (What is our true nature? Where does action lead when reason flies away on the wings of doubt?)
  • BOOK 12-Danaiel Light and The Contest of the Kings (Do our origins determine what we do and whom we become? When heritage, the lineage of blood, is lost, to whom can a Kingdom turn?)
  • BOOK 13-Daniel Light and A Tryst in Time (Fidelity. Love. Friendship. Are they every what they have always seemed to be? Is faithfulness, or even Faith, of value to us?)

The Book of Light:

  • BOOK 14-Daniel Light and the Lord of Renewal (Light and Dark. How different are they when they have the same beginnings? How did it all begin? Why? Where does it all end?)

The Final Entry:

  • BOOK 15-Daniel Light and the Histories of the Orb (The rest of the story) (A storybook containing [among other titles:] Miraden and the War of the Enchanters, The Birth of the Kings of the Crystal Orb, The Skwatwaela, Castal — The Boy Who Could Talk To The Sea,  The Family and the Rostok, William of Waterside, The People of the Plains, Axengard: First Dwarf, Salah Tas: Land of the Elves, Dal and the Rise of the Dark)

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The World of Colabos — Home Planet of The Realms of the Crystal Orb

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