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Cinderabbit! Original TV Cast Album CD

Posted on Mar 11, 2013 in Audio/Visual, Leicester Bay Books, Women Authors

Book and Lyrics by MIMI BEAN Music by C. MICHAEL PERRY with Puppets by RONNIE BURKETT A wonderful musical adapted from the classic Cinderella story with animal characters. Prince Richard– the Rabbit-Hearted, Princess Tabitha of the Blue Mountain Grove; they are the center of this adaptation. It seems that when the Grove burned down years ago, Tabitha’s parents left her on the doorsteps of the Bugmerks, a family of toads on the edge of the Great, Grey Swamp. After the death of Mr. Bugmerk, Emilia and her daughters Merklene and Bogelda made life miserable for our Tabitha. So much so that she remembers none of her past, hence they call her “Cinderabbit.” Life is made bearable for her by her close friend and confidant, Mercedes, a mouse living in the Bugmerk’s dwelling. Well, the night of the Ball comes....

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A Christmas Memory Original Cast Album CD

Posted on Mar 11, 2013 in Audio/Visual, Christmas, Leicester Bay Books

A Musical Compiled and Edited by Jason Anderson Music and Lyrics by C. Michael Perry The musical deals with the feelings of loneliness sometimes felt at Christmas time. It is Christmas of the current year. Irene Rasmussen, (Grandma) has recently lost her husband, Nicholas. She is facing Christmas “alone” for the first time. Of course she isn’t entirely alone when her three children and eight grandchildren descend on her for the holidays. All are concerned for Grandma in her first Christmas without Grandpa. So the family is wondering how this Christmas is going to turn out. A solution to the problem comes along with problems of her own. Danni, a sort of step-grand-daughter is now living with her step mom, Samantha– Grandma’s daughter. Danni McKenna is rebellious and doesn’t want to fit in–or maybe she’s decided that she can’t...

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Turn The Gas Back On! Original Cast Album CD

Posted on Mar 11, 2013 in Audio/Visual, Leicester Bay Books

A Musical Book and Lyrics by Max C. Golightly Music and Lyrics by C. Michael Perry and Neil K. Newell ROGER HOWARD, Director of a small acting company, brings Marvin, a modern artist-friend, to his theatre to see a rehearsal of some of the scenes of a play he’s producing, for the purpose of convincing him it can be done with the same resulting effects and methods the painter gets with his avante garde paintings. As the play within the play proceeds, the actors and actresses try to apply natural motivations to the meanings in the play. Impressed with a song sung by ROSE, an actress past her prime, who is replacing a regular member of the company, ROGER includes the song in the repertoire and succumbs to her warm charms. WAYNE and MORRIS, who play opposite MYRA, have...

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