A Coming Flood novel series chronicles the world’s descent into destructive disobedience, and how a single family was enlisted to gather those who could be salvaged together for explanation, and to carry the seeds of life through the tempest and to a new world, devoid of technologies and demonic ‘wisdom.’

In A Coming Flood novel series author J.L. Thompson chronicles the lives of several of the original icons of humanity and the events that shaped the history of the early world: Adam, Eve, Seth, Cain, Mahalaleel, Jared, Enoch, Lamech and Noah.

Did the Flood Actually Happen?
Many say that they cannot believe in a God who would destroy the earth due to the iniquities of its inhabitants. By the last installment of A Coming Flood Novel Series readers will learn what really happened thousands of years ago according to the ancient texts.

Is the Ancient Record True?
A Coming Flood Novel Series is not a make-believe story filled with dragons and wizards – it is an account of the world as it was reported in the earliest literature. Read their story and decide for yourself.

Watchers, Fallen Angels, Demons and Giants
Who were these enigmatic beings discussed in many ancient documents? Author J.L. Thompson explains their nature and abilities in his first installment of A Coming Flood Novel Series, Enoch in the City of Adam.