Wembley Tewkes and the Master of Time

The Keepers of Time SERIES   Coming About Book Three (formerly titled: The Edges Revealed) What if you turned out to be the fabled and magical scion to the long line of your own ancestors? What are the chances (and the dangers) of not only meeting, but being your own 50th Great-grandfather?   Coming from

Wembley Tewkes and the Time Bandits

The Keepers of Time SERIES COMING SOON ABOUT  BOOK TWO: (formerly titled: Living From Edge to Edge) What if the dreams and fantasies, hopes and fears of your life became real? When you find out that you can shoot lightning from your fingers, vanish things with a wave of your hand, travel through time and […]

Wembley Tewkes and the Edges of Time

(formerly titled: Imperfections on the Edge) by C. Michael Perry Did you ever have a recurring dream only to wake up one day and find it was NOT a dream? Wembley Tewkes was born 14. At least to those around him in Yarmouth, Maine, it had always seemed like he could do everything he did […]