Wembley Tewkes and the Edges of Time

(formerly titled: Imperfections on the Edge)

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by C. Michael Perry

Did you ever have a recurring dream only to wake up one day and find it was NOT a dream?

Wembley Tewkes was born 14. At least to those around him in Yarmouth, Maine, it had always seemed like he could do everything he did now. He raised lambs that won the 4H every year. He was good in all his schoolwork, especially history. He was an Eagle Scout, volunteered at the library one day each week after school, was a championship swimmer, and a crackerjack tennis player. Wembley could do anything he set his mind to…
… except talk to girls. He had known Brindi Williams since they were little. They grew up playing together, and then came — awkwardness. It just happened; he began acting strange around her. Wembley, strange? Well, he thought so. His friendship seemed to want to demand more from her, and it flummoxed him.
Then there were these wild and crazy dreams he was having: travels through time and space that changed and shifted rapidly. They had started up within the last year. That’s when he met, well, we will call her, Evie.
He was really uncomfortable around her. She knew things about him no stranger should, and then there was that… Magic stuff.
Now that I’ve told you all about him, you probably won’t want to read the book, “ Imperfections On the Edge,“ book 1 of the “Wembley Tewkes On The Edges Of Time” series.
But come to think of it, there’s a lot you don’t know about Wembley Tewkes; lots of things that Wembley doesn’t even know about himself.

Isn’t adolescence difficult enough to navigate through without being taken to other realities at the drop of an uncontrollable thought — yours or someone else’s…or on someone else’s whim?

The three books in this series are about that time of uncomfortability: Adolescence. How can anyone really be comfortable during adolescence? That time of feeling awkward and out of place comes to all of us. What are the most embarrassing, unnerving and difficult things for a teen to face? Everything that Wembley faces! Wembley Tewkes is abnormal in his relatively comfortable life as a confident adolescent, but his world is about to be shaken back down to normal. All of the ‘normal’ things that happen during this time to make anyone uncomfortable will be exaggerated and compounded by the freaky, eerie, unsettling  and just plain weird experiences that Wembley will go through. Every effort will be made, by whatever unseen or ancient powers, to take Wembley out of his norm — his comfort zone — in fantastic ways. For what Wembley has to do, what he is destined to do, will be the most un-normal and uncomfortable thing of all: he will become his own forebear. There will be over 50 generations between his present day life in the 21st Century and his beginning of his own line of descendency in AD525.

Magic, time-travel, runes and scrolls, prophecies and predictions, swords, sorcery, love and deception will haunt the life of Wembley Tewkes as he is exposed to his hidden destiny, and is compelled to enter into it and live it to the best of his abilities. He has an unrevealed mission to fulfill; a destiny to align himself with in order to become the greatest individual he can become. He will leave everything that is loved by him and comfortable to him behind him as he lives this new life.


  • 6″ x 9″ (12.7 x 20.32 cm)
  • 250 pages
  • Black & White on Cream paper
  • ISBN-13: 978-0615907253
  • ISBN-10: 0615907253
  • BISAC: Fiction / Fantasy / Epic
  • LIST PRICE: $14.95

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