The World of Colabos — Home Planet of The Realms of the Crystal Orb

The World of Colabos


If we were to take a look at the planet, or world on which the Realms were located, (which the inhabitants themselves could not do) we would find it to be a small planet similar to our Earth in every way but size. It is closer to the size of our own planet Mercury but it is located in a very favorable orbit around its yellow sun in its own solar system. This orbit manages to keep the climates temperate, especially for the central latitudes. But if we were to look at the small ‘continent’ on which the Realms were situated, we would find it only a smallish island about 200 leagues from east to west and about 300 leagues from north to south. This island is associated with a much larger continent to the north and west; one that is some 3000 leagues long and l500 leagues north to south. Located beyond the wardings of Colabos and the outer wardings of this island continent, it stretched two-thirds of the way around this small world.
So, north of the equator on this world, one major continent and a small island. South of the equator two smaller continents and a great ocean with a large part of the great northern continent dipping down below the equator for hundreds of leagues. There are many things that even Miraden knows nothing about. For if he did, the Realms and the small continent on which they exist would never be ready to take its place in the greater world of which it is apart.

ORBbutton  Prophecies

  • The First Prophecy as recorded by Miraden Light during The First Thousand Years, THE AGE OF MAGIC


  • The Prophecy of The Miracle of Mirador as recorded by Miraden Light during The Third Thousand Years, THE AGE OF KINGS


  • The Prophecy of The Child Of Promise, given  at the announcement of his conception, by Miraden Light in 2702.


ORBbutton  Maps

  • Map Of Mirador and the Crystal Lake


  • Sketch Map of The Realms of the Crystal Orb


ORBbutton Characters

Major Characters in the First Book. (The Miracle of Mirador is set in the year 2700 on the continent of Colabos, on a planet called Colabos.)

Daniel Gregoryson — born on the seventh day of Second Month (our February) of the year 2689 in Valley Vale to Gregory  and Belinda Gregoryson, he is THE PROPHECY, or THE MIRACLE OF MIRADOR, but it is unknown to all but those in the ‘magical’ community that there even is a prophecy, let alone who it concerns. He is eleven years old in Book One, has blue eyes and blond hair, an eager, if somewhat clumsy spirit and is really just a regular boy who is beginning to discover his special abilities.

Miraden Light — is the first of the six of the Race of Enchanters, the oldest brother, the first created in THE TIME BEFORE the Creation of the World to assist the Creators in their work. He has two ‘brothers’, Tophet and Anandoral and three ‘sisters’, Aradella, Wyara, and Estrella. He was married to Aradella until her death in the Dragon Wars. In THE MIRACLE OF MIRADOR he is the oldest man alive, for he is a human Enchanter. He has blue eyes and white hair. There is very little he cannot do, but there is also a lot that he has forgotten in over 2700 years of living. An Immortal.

Gregory Gregoryson — The Royal Huntsman of Mirador. Born in Valley Vale in 2672. He is a master archer and has fought for the Realm of Mirador against the Darkness. A mortal.

Liliana Light-White — Miraden’s daughter by his second wife, Kylara, a mortal. Born in 1901, she is an Immortal who is now the Queen of Mirador, married to its King, Marble White. She could be a Enchantress but (wisely) chose to give those powers up temporarily to rule and reign in Mirador. She is kidnapped by Tophet in order to put his own daughter on the throne of Mirador.

Tophet Light — the second of the original Race Of Enchanters, he was turned by PanAlta, the Darkness, a fallen Creator, and has sought to destroy all the Light of the world, but has been singularly unsuccessful. He was married to Wyara, until her death in The Great War. An Immortal.

Withera Light — the elder of Tophet’s daughters (Mother was Wyara), she seeks to be everything her father is and more. Born in the 1st year of THE AGE OF MAGIC, she is a Sorceress. An Immortal.

Zantha Light — the younger of Tophet’s daughters (Mother was Wyara), she seeks power and control. She masquerades as Liliana White to try to gain control of Mirador. But she has no magical powers due to a prophecy that concerned herself and her cousin, Liliana. Born in the 2nd year of THE AGE OF MAGIC. An Immortal.

Elias Matthewson — the oldest son of Matthew and Sarai Matthewson of Harborton, born in 2691, he becomes Daniel’s best friend and closest confidant. He has brown hair and green eyes, and is nine years old when we first meet him. A mortal.

Bianca White — Liliana and Marble’s daughter, the Princess of Mirador. Born in 2684, she is heir to the throne. Zantha and Withera place her under a spell in order to gain control of Mirador. A mortal.

Valerius Red — The Prince of Panador, and heir to the throne, born in 2682, he is valiant and capable, if somewhat love-struck. A mortal.

Minor Characters for the First Book

KING MARBLE WHITE — King of Mirador, a well-intentioned cream puff. b.2660
THE DWARVES OF HOPE — Alder, the Elder, Oaklee, Spruce, Blacknut, Redwood,  Hickory, Elderberry, the younger (a rudimentary Magician.) (Five other brothers were killed in the Great War)
MATTHEW — Elias’ father, Master Fisherman of Harborton. b.2676
SARAI — his wife. b.2677
JEREMIAH — Master at Arms of Mirador
ROSENBLAD — creation of Withera, a Dwarf  turned Vampire. c.1290
GUILDEBLAD — brother to Rosenblad, re-enlivened Dwarf turned Necromancer c.1812
NIGHTBANE — creation of Miraden’s niece Reugella — a Werewolf c.1050
WILLIAM of WATERSIDE — son of a Woodcutter. b.1858 (his story [part of the backstory] happens in 1872)
KINGS and ARMIES of Panador, Aradon and Caladon
DEMONS — able to be created by any Enchanter or Sorceror

ORBbutton History

The First Age

Creation — The Time Before

The Creators form earth, water, plants and animals. They also create the first six of the race of Enchanters who will usher in the Age of Magic. The Enchantresses are created with child, to speed up the peopling process. From that point on Enchanter children are created in the normal, human way. The Creators also set the plans for the other races that will soon inhabit their Realms: Men and Dwarves and Magical Creatures.
Present, not part of the Creation, but something that arose separately, is the Darkness; urged on by PanAlta, a fallen Creator. Darkness is just as eternal and infinite as the Light. It will always be there trying to take over the Realms of Light set up by the Creators: Mirador, Aradon, Panador, Balador, Caladon and Zanadon.
The Darkness caused some of the Enchanters and Enchantresses to turn to Sorcerors and Sorceresses, embracing the Dark and angry magic of PanAlta.
Elves were also created by the Creators just before Time begins. The FIRST PROPHECY is given. (See PROPHECIES, above.)

The First Thousand Years

The Age of Magic

Darkness divides the Race of Enchanters. The first murders happen: cousin against cousin, niece and nephew against aunt and uncle, brother and sister against sister and brother. The magical creatures are created by the remaining Enchanters: Dragons, Unicorns, Nymphs, Dryads, Gnomes, Pixies, Alimorphs, the Phoenix, Sprites and Paeloths.
The Dark creatures were also created by PanAlta and Tophet, Miraden’s brother and others under Tophet’s influence: Necromancers, Vampires, Werewolves, Demons, Wallicks, Craggars and Mites.
Tophet becomes the leader of the Darkness (due to the unexplained absence of Pan Alta) and Miraden is the Leader of Light, in the physical absence of the Creators.
Castles are built by Miraden and the Dragons. Talismans are created to help protect and support the Orb.

The Second Thousand Years

The Age of Men and Dwarves

The Enchanters of Light create Men and Dwarves (in the year 1000) under the direction of the Creators.
They spread and cover the land. The Crystal Orb is moved to the Pinnacle of Perfection (The White DragonMount).
Because of the encroaching Humans, the Elves divide, creating the Skwatwaela. Half of the race move to an underground residence in Salah Tas and the other half move out to the islands of the sea.
Dragons and Unicorns are hunted to extinction by the Darkness and the Humans it has influenced. The Dragon War brings about the Great War where many Enchanters, Humans and magical creatures are exterminated.
The Age of Men and Dwarves is over, bringing about The Age of Kings.

The Third Thousand Years

The Age of Kings

The Prophecy is given again of the one who will reunite the Realms near the end of this age. He will be the Miracle of Mirador.
The Men and Dwarves that are left to inhabit the lands are organized by Miraden and given Kings and Queens for each kingdom, except for Zanadon, where less than a thousand Humans live and Darkness is king. Tophet, Wyara and their minions flood into Zanadon and make it theirs. But its Talisman is missing.
Balador had been ravaged by the Great War, because of the loss of its Talisman, and there are only handfuls of Humans surviving in remote pockets. Caladon takes on the task of caring for Balador. Aradon supplies the two small Human settlements left in western Zanadon as the Darkness takes over the central and eastern parts of the kingdom.
The Forces of Light slowly organize and unite against the Forces of Darkness.

The Fourth Thousand Years

The Age of Renewal

A time that has been prophesied since the beginning — The Time Before. It is yet to happen and so, is not really a history. So I won’t say much about it.

ORBbutton Drawings

  • Floor Plan of the Crystal Castle in Mirador


  • The Fortress of Fear in Zanadon

Fortress of Fear


  • Floor Plan of Castle Panador



  • Layout of the Village of Panadar

Panadar Village


  • Floor Plan of Castle Caladon

Castle Caladon


  • Floor Plan of the Purple Palace of Aradon

Palace of Aradon


  • Floor Plan of Castle Balador

Castle Balador


  • Floor Plan of Castle Zanadon



  • Floor Plan of Withera’s Castle in the Wicked Wood

Withera's Castle


  • Floor Plan of Zantha’s Castle on the Plains of Youth in Zanadon


ORBbuttonConstellations as seen from the Realms of the Crystal Orb

  • Stars of the North
    • The Bear — Ursalo
    • The Dragon — Dragonis
    • The Fish — Piscala
    • The Crab — Crustalo
    • The Queen — Regala
    • The Swan — Cigala
    • The Mountains of the Sky
    • The Sword — Sabra
    • The Eagle — Aquilo
  • Stars of the South
    • The Unicorn — Cornis
    • The Wolf — Feralo
    • The Whale — Cetacor
    • The Cross — Crucifol
    • The Warrior — Werro
    • The Magician — Magelos
    • The Archer — Saggitar
    • The Bull — Tauro
    • The Goat — Capriala

ORBbuttonProper ways to address the nationalities of the peoples





NOTE: Those endowed with magical talents: Sorcerors, Sorceresses, Warlocks, Witches, Elves, have the ability to cast spells of warding, and each spell is a different color.

PURPLE — protective, keeps things out and unmagic things in (called animal warding in Book 2) Basic Skill

RED — protective but also destroys what it touches, inside warding or out. (Sphere command in Book 2) Intermediate Skill

BLACK — same as RED but used only by Dark Sorcerers and Sorceresses

ORANGE — protects and acts as a seal not even air or water or smoke can get out or in Intermediate Skill

YELLOW — can imitate the properties of animate and inanimate things. (a hair placed on the warding will replicate the person, or being, froms whom the hair originated Highly Advanced Skill

GREEN — Highly Advanced Skill

SHIELD WALL — an invisible magical barrier — like hard air! Intermediate to High Skill

BLUE — a prison warding — keeps things in. Also cannot be probed by thought or spell Highly Advanced Skill

WHITE — the warding of the Creators

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