Noorda Theatre Youth Plays • Five Age Appropriate Scripts for Young Actors

And the curriculum/program that created them! Volume 9 of the Theatre for Young Audiences SERIES Edited by J. D. Newman “Theatre groups and educational institutions looking for a viable method to create a program that brings to the stage custom-tailored, age-appropriate scripts for the 10 to18-year-old budding performer will find a treasure-trove of curricular information […]

The Scarlet Letter — Book 4 of The Playwrights on the Page Series

The Scarlet Letter by Jenifer Nii KINDLE Version $6.99 ORDER FROM AMAZON HERE PRINT BOOK Perusal $10.95 • Order #3215ap LINK to Scarlet’s information page for licensing a production through Leicester Bay Theatricals For BOOKSTORE orders and discount information,  please contact us by email  

The Blue Jeans Rebellion • An Early Readers Middle-Grades Novel

by Joanna H. Kraus The story is set in 1877 in Orderville, Utah, a planned Mormon community. Many of the families who volunteer to live there had been starving before they came and so they willingly agree to all the rules and regulations. One specifies that until the clothing you wear is worn out you must […]

The Plays of Thomas F. Rogers Volume 3: Crises in Faith

Thomas F. Rogers is a prominent Playwright, traveler and observer of Humanity. He is also a life-long member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Mission President in Russia, Drama Ambassador, Professor of Russian, Director of plays, are just a few of his titles, next to Husband and Father. In the seven plays […]