Wembley Tewkes and the Time Bandits

The Keepers of Time SERIES


ABOUT  BOOK TWO: (formerly titled: Living From Edge to Edge)

What if the dreams and fantasies, hopes and fears of your life became real?
When you find out that you can shoot lightning from your fingers, vanish things with a wave of your hand, travel through time and space at will, without any device or incantation, you just might be Wembley Tewkes. Power is growing in Wembley, and in his closest friends and family. But power for what? Where does it lead? As Wembley nears his 16th birthday everything is getting more weird than it ever was, and what was formerly unimaginable is becoming a daily, even hourly occurrence. Somehow, some way, Wembley is tied to 6th Century Britain. The people and visions and DreamTravels that have come into his life all lead him to that era. He is not alone! His friends and family are being drawn into it with him. Who is behind it? What forces are at work that could change the life of a normal adolescent in such drastic ways? Will Wembley discover the truth before something deadly happens? Because the DreamTravels are now becoming life-threatening.


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