Daniel Light and the Circle of Light — Book 3

by C. Michael Perry

What if the enemy within turned out to be even more dangerous than the enemy without?

The true nature and source of the Darkness that threatens all is revealed in its many-faceted horror to Daniel as he endeavors to build his Circle Of Light; his army of Young Enchanters. As they search out the long forgotten and almost discarded places of their continent, they find hatreds, uncertainties and distrust about the Realms and those who lead them. Daniel and his associates strike out into deep and Dark adventures on their Quest to form The Circle of Light. The Dark, however, has different ideas on what ruling over others means, and a representative council is not part of its totalitarian plans. In addition to fending off attacks by separated but still united factions of the Darkness, Daniel has to mount a Good Will Campaign that has never been attempted before in The Realms of the Crystal Orb. Miraden then comes forward again with a new prophecy. One of a helper for Daniel: The Child of Promise.


A long time ago on a planet far away there lived The Race of Enchanters, beings of Light. As is ever the situation when Light is present, so, also, is Darkness. These Dark Sorcerors, close kin to the Enchanters, seek to influence and destroy all that had been protected and created by the Light. Other magical beings and creatures inhabit these realms and are torn and divided by this constant battle between Light and Dark; events and prophecies are ignored by the Light, The Dark, and the neutral; allegiances change and shift; power over all being the end result, for some. Then comes word of The Prophecy of Light: a being to come in the median of time to lead the Forces of Light to victory. Thus the stage is set for Daniel Light and the Children of the Orb.

STORY NOTES: An original story idea provides the structure for this tale about The Children Of The Orb, which also alludes to the origin of the stories we know and love on Planet Earth as having possibly come from beyond our own Earthly experience.

Book Three

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