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We Ain’t Dead Yet! — 8 Plays about Growing Older

Posted on Jul 17, 2018 in Humor, LB Drama Series, New Releases, Nonfiction, Performing Arts

by Jerry Walker 8 plays ranging from comic to tragic make up this thoughtful and enlightening evening of theatre dealing with the issues of growing older. This show is very flexible as to which scenes you present, so it could, then, be any length at all. Each show is also available for separate production. 9m 9f Contemporary costumes Simple interior and exterior settings About 90 minutes PLAYS IN PERFORMANCE ORDER: MR. ANDERSON’S CRUSH by Jerry Walker 1m 1f voice Interior/Exterior. About 3 minutes. Mr. Anderson has developed a crush on someone in the neighborhood. He is lonely and seeking companionship. As he prepares to meet her face to face, he is interrupted by a most unfortunate surprise. (Separate production order #3216) I WISH I HAD A BUDDY by Jerry Walker 1m 1f. Interior/Exterior. Two strangers, meeting over time, find...

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Grampa Charlie’s Side-splittin’ Fireside Stories : for bedtime or any other time at all!

Posted on Feb 19, 2018 in Humor, Nonfiction

by Charlie Reitze These wonderful, comic remembrances will keep young children – and adults – up way past their bedtimes––whether the stories are being read to them, or they are reading them for themselves––all the while remembering their own Grampas and laughing hysterically! Growing up in Maine was fun for Charlie Reitze — but not necessarily for any of his friends and family when they were the target of his pranks! He certainly found the humor in his mis-adventures. Among his family –– his exploits are legend. What charms about this book, is that many, if not most, of the readers will be familiar with something in the stories, be it the location, the people themselves, or the situations that the characters get themselves into. Most of us remember our own days of childhood mischief. And most do not...

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