A Southern Christmas Carol – Original Cast CD

Book, Music and Lyrics by Rob. Lauer

Musical Arrangements by Jeff Joyner

“Think Charles Dickens meets Horton Foote.”

When “A Southern Christmas Carol” premiered in 2003, critics called it “good fun…a hoot that warms the heart”… “Lovely, there’s no other single word to describe it…Charles Dickens himself couldn’t have written a better account of the spirit of Christmas. At least not Christmas in 1933 Depression-ridden Southwest Georgia.”

In “A Southern Christmas Carol,” award-winning playwright Rob. Lauer moves the classic tale of Scrooge  from  1840’s London to Depression-era rural Georgia during the height of Jim Crow laws. “Though most of the world knows how Dickens’ story ends, Lauer did such an excellent job of tailoring the original story to fit the South that one is eager to see how this story will end,” The Albany Herald enthused; “Meant to explore some Southern themes like agriculture, racism and poverty, Lauer pays close attention to detail: cotton, overalls, accents, home-brewed liquor, biscuits, square dancing, gospel singing, Southern hostility and hospitality, ‘ain’ts’ and hope chests, pork and collards.”

The show’s musical score will send audiences out of the theatre humming songs that are set to become Holiday standards. Best of all, “A Southern Christmas Carol” is the perfect choice for theatres (professional or amateur) on a budget: it can be produced with only 10 actors (6 men/4 women), with each playing multiple roles.  Or it can be produced by theatres, churches, schools and civic groups who want to involve 30 or more performers in the show.

Funny, moving, emotionally satisfying; innovatively new while also feeling familiar—“A Southern Christmas Carol” is a show that could easily become an annual Holiday tradition for your theatre—something that will set it apart from all other theatres in your area.  Once your audiences have experienced this unique take on a Christmas classic, they’ll never say “Bah, Humbug” again!


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  • List Price: $14.99
  • 14 Tracks



  • #1 — Prologue (A Christmas Carol Sampler)
  • #2 — Carol Excerpts
#3 — Old Man Scrooge
#4 — There Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked (1)
#5 — There Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked (2)
  • #6 — There Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked (3)
  • #7 — There Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked (4)
#8 — There Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked (Conclusion)
    #9 — Haunted
#10 — I Don’t Care If Its Christmas Time Again
#11 — Deck The Halls (Dance)
#12 — Dance Continuation
  • #13 — You Never Said A Word
#14 — Haunted (Reprise)
#15 — Entre’acte
  • #16 — Jingle Bells (Underscore)
  • #17 — It’s All Because of Santa Claus
  • #18 — Oh, Come All Ye Faithful
  • #19 — God Bless Us Everyone
  • #20 — God Bless Us Everyone (Reprise)
#21 — Here We Come A-Wassailing
#22 — Satan’s Having Company This Christmas
  • #23 — Scavenger Crow
  • #24 — Scavenger Crow (Reprise)
#25 — God Bless Us Everyone (Eppie’s Reprise)
  • #26 — The Graveyard Scene
#27 — Old Man Scrooge (Reprise)
  • #28 — God Bless Us Everyone (Finale)
#29 — Bows
#30 — Exit Music




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