My Jo — Original Cast CD

Book & Lyrics by Rob. Lauer

Music by Rick Rea

Set during the American Civil War. Tom-boy Jo March dreams of becoming a writer of gothic thrillers, and has no interest in boys, romance or marriage. When her sisters begin pursuing romantic attachments, Jo-torn over the gender roles of the time-moves away to New York City to pursue a career. Family ties eventually pull her back home and threaten to undermine her dreams and aspirations. Through family trials and tragedies, Jo eventually finds her true voice as a writer-and a companion who loves her for the woman she is. The show is rapidly gaining a following for its fresh, mature approach to “Little Women”. This album is from the 2007 Western Wyoming Community College production.


  • 57 minutes, 22 tracks
  • Leicester Bay Theatricals
  • UPC: 887936810497
  • List Price: $14.99


  • 1 Into the Vortex — Meg, Amy, Beth, Hannah & Jo
  • 2 Jesus, Joseph, Mary — Hannah & Marmee
  • 3 A Nice Little Dance — Amy, Beth, Meg, Jo, Marmee, Hannah
  • 4 If I was the Boy — Jo & Laurie
  • 5 In the Company of That Girl — Mr. Lawrence, Brooke & Meg
  • 6 You Haven’t Fallen In Love — Jo & Laurie
  • 7 Girls Today — Aunt March
  • 8 Little Women — Marmee & the Girls
  • 9 Little Women Reprise 1 —
  • 10 Jesus, Joseph, Mary Reprise — Hannah
  • 11 My Jo — Marmee
  • 12 Soar — Jo
  • 13 This is Love — The Company
  • 14 Soar Reprise — Beth
  • 15 You’ll Find Men — Mrs. Kirke & Jo
  • 16 When I’m Feeling Wicked — Mamie
  • 17 Through Your Eyes — Bhaer
  • 18 Little Women Reprise 2 — Marmee
  • 19 This Moment and You — Beth
  • 20 Through Your Eyes Reprise — Bhaer
  • 21 You Haven’t Fallen in Love Reprise — Laurie
  • 22 Finale (My Jo) — The Company



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