Mark Stoddard

StoddardMarkMark J. Stoddard

For more than 30 years Mr. Stoddard has been a successful entrepreneur, marketer, and educator. A great joy of his is advising aspiring artists on ways they can perform often. He’s an author of 18 books on business, and marketing, as well as a book of short stories, poems and full-length musicals with both the libretto and score.

He’s also judged classical vocal competitions and is a popular speaker at university vocal programs, the AIMS summer program, and Classical Singer conventions. The USSR’s Deputy Minister of Higher Education commissioned him to teach free market business principles to leaders of the president’s cabinet (Council of Ministers), was the first foreigner to address the Supreme Soviet of Ukraine, and provided intensive lectures to civic leaders on a 17 city speaking tour.

He was the Entrepreneur in Residence at Utah Valley University and teaches entrepreneur classes frequently. He is a managing partner of VMT Technologies, a company that is commercializing the only positively engaged, infinitely variable vehicle transmission that saves fuel and cuts emissions.



BOOKS for Business

  • The Power of 117 — Gorilla Marketing
  • Developing a Real Estate Investment Business
  • 110 Business Any Teen Can Start
  • Handbook for Exploring Russia
  • Handbook for Exploring China
  • Seven Steps to Success for the Entrepreneur — Creating a Business Plan
  • Seven Steps to Success for the Entrepreneur — The Marketer
  • Seven Steps to Success for the Entrepreneur — The Leader
  • Seven Steps to Success for the Entrepreneur — The Executive
  • Seven Steps to Success for the Entrepreneur — The Financier
  • Seven Steps to Success for the Entrepreneur — The Negotiator

BOOKS — Non-fiction Biography

  • How Gramps Became a World War II Hero
  • My Spiritual Odyssey

BOOKS — Fiction

  • Twice Told Tales — a collection of short stories and poems.

BOOKS — Performing Arts

  • Marketing Singers: Creating  Perpetual Job Machine — 1st Edition
  • Marketing Singers: Creating Perpetual Job Machine — 2nd Edition
  • Marketing Singers and Musicians: A Performer’s Guide to Artfully Making Money — 3rd Edition
  • Marketing Singers: Preparing Entrepreneurs to Artfully Make Money — 4th Edition